Una vida americana / An American Life - Lucía Carballal

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Título: Una vida americana / An American Life

Autora: Lucía Carballal

Colección: Teatro

Serie: Cervantes Theatre London

Número de colección: 3

ISBN: 978-84-16923-83-0

Características: 21 x 14, 248 páginas

Primera edición: 2019

P.V.P.: 20 euros



The action takes place in a campsite, on the outskirts of Minneapolis, USA, in the present day.  There, beside an old, rented caravan, is Linda.  With her, her mother Paloma and her younger sibling Robin Rose.  They are the Clarkson family.  A Spanish family.  Save for their names, no different from their neighbours back home, in the Madrid district of Tetuán.  They have come to the US to meet Warren, the American who Paloma fell in love with in the '80s, Linda and Robin Rose's father.  The man who promised them an American dream, but who left them when Linda was a teenager, returning to the country he came from and leaving no trace but his memory, country music, Thanksgiving, and an Anglo-Saxon surname.






Voces a través de la radio: Locutor 1. Locutor 2


Studied Playwriting at the RESAD, Institut del Teatre and Universität der Künste. She holds an MA in Cinema and TV Scriptwriting from the Carlos III University. 

In 2018 she premiered La resistencia at Teatros del Canal, written with the support of El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze. Una vida americana was first produced by LAZONA and premiered in 2017 at the Palacio Valdés Theatre. Los temporales was showcased at the Centro Dramático Nacional in 2016. 

Previous works include A España no la va a conocer ni la madre que la parió (co-written with Víctor Sánchez Rodríguez), Personas habitables and Mejor historia que la nuestra. Lucía also works as a scriptwriter, for the FOX Spain TV series Vis a Vis.


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